Posted by: mel | January 8, 2010

Chinese Batik Packs Indonesia’s Klewer Market

Chinese products are now set off at the Klewer market and wholesale center of Solo

VIVAnews | Elin Yunita Kristanti | 8 January 2010

ASEAN and China have signed a free trade agreement as earliest as January 2010 causing import duty for imported products from ASEAN countries and China to be zero percent.

This situation helps Chinese batik products enter Indonesia, especially Klewer market in Solo, which is considered the largest textile trading center in Central Java.

Deputy Chief of Indonesian Textile Association (API) of Central Java, Joko Santosa, said that Chinese products have in fact been displayed in the market prior to the implementation of the FTA agreement through black market.

“The condition hurts [teh market],” he toldVIVAnews on January 8.

The government anticipated the issue by probing into the illegal textile import and apprehended the culprits, resulting in the limited amount of illegal batik. But today’s situation, after the agreement is approved, allows importers to unpack their loads into the market.

Chinese products are now set off at the Klewer market and wholesale center of Solo.

“Chinese products have penetrated into both centers of textile trading, arousing anxiety amongst local producers,” Joko said.

Joko said the unease is reasonable because the selling products of Chinese products in both markets are cheaper.

Coverage by: Fajar Sodiq| Solo

Translated by: Bonardo Maulana Wahono


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