Posted by: mel | December 11, 2009

Book – Chinese Big Business in Indonesia: The State of the Capital

Title Chinese big business in Indonesia: the state of capital
Volume 17 of Routledge contemporary Southeast Asia series
Author Christian Chua
Edition illustrated
Publisher Routledge, 2008
ISBN 0415450748, 9780415450744
Length 176 pages

The disintegration of Indonesia’s New Order regime in 1998 and the fall of Soeharto put an end to the crude forms of centralised authoritarianism and economic protectionism that allowed large Chinese conglomerates to dominate Indonesia’s private sector. Contrary to all expectations most of the major capitalist groups, though damaged considerably by the Asian Crisis, managed to cope with ensuing monumental political and economic changes and now thrive again albeit within a new democratic environment. In this book Christian Chua assesses the state of the capital before, during, and after the financial and political crisis of 1997/98 and analyses the changing relationships between business and the state in Indonesia. Using a distinct perspective that combines cultural and structural approaches on Chinese big business with exclusive material derived from interviews with some of Indonesia’s major business leaders Chua identifies the strategies employed by tycoons to adapt their corporations tothe post-authoritarian regime and provides a unique insight into how the state-business relationships in Indonesia have evolved since the crisis. Chinese Big Business in Indonesia is the first major analysis on capital in Indonesia after the fall of Soeharto and will be of interest to graduate students and scholars of political economy, political sociology, economics and business administration.


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