Posted by: mel | November 23, 2009

Indonesian Chinese Celebrate Cultural Diversity

NTDTV | Home | News | Asia Pacific | 23 November 2009

Each year “Brother-Sister” looks for youngsters of Chinese descent in Indonesia who have the beauty, brains and talent. Several tests and interviews are held to filter hundreds of applicants, leaving only 16 couples as finalists.

On November 19, Jakarta’s Governor Fauzi Bowo officially opened the grand finale to decide the winner of the brother and sister title.

[Fauzi Bowo, Jakarta Governor]:
“This event is to maintain culture, whose culture? Our culture, including the culture to keep harmonious life in the capitol city of Jakarta.”

During the competition, all finalists showed marvelous talent, but the title finally went to Alvin Tjondro and Vienna Chandra.

[Alvin & Vienna, Brother-Sister 2009 Winners]:
“To mix up the diversity, I start from myself by not choosing particular friends from certain race, culture, or religion. So I think the diversity is not something to separate us, but in reverse, diversity itself will make everything beautiful.”

After the winners for “Brother-Sister 2009” were announced, all contestants rejoiced, and felt a strong feeling of togetherness in the community.

[Longines Roger Tamio, Brother-Sister Community Leader]:
“Chinese Brother-Sister which started from Jakarta, is a community where we want to put all ethnics together, not as separate ethnics, but one community. Through this, we can build Indonesia.”

It’s a message that needs to be heard.

NTD, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Big Brother-Big Sister Competition in Indonesia Underway

NTDTV | Home | News | Lifestyle | 13 November 2009

A special competition is underway in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s called the “Chinese Brother and Sister Community.” The aim… to find young Chinese Indonesians who would make a good role models.

The competition for the “Brother and Sister” title is about finding youngsters of Chinese descendants who have beauty, brains and talent.

There are seven categories in the competition including knowledge of Chinese culture, tourism and ethics.

The competitors range from 17 to 25 years old. Over 300 registered… but that number will be cut to 50 who make it to the final round.

But for many, it’s not a matter of winning the competition to come out on top.

[Kristinus, Participant]: (male, Indonesian)
“I have a friend who participated in this event before, and I noticed that after (participating), his behavior changed for the better. I knew him to be childish before, but his thinking now is very mature. I wish I can be like him by joining this competition.”

The grand finale is scheduled for November 19th.

NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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