Posted by: mel | November 22, 2009

Those fabulous 30s

Jakarta Post | Tifa Asrianti, JAKARTA | Lifestyle | 22 November 2009

Fashion designers drew inspiration from the silver screen for their pieces shown at the Pond’s Bazaar Moviechestra Fabulous 30s fashion show, held to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Deputy editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia Fitriandini Wiana said they had chosen the theme “Fabulous 30s” because it is during their 30s that women really mature and become aware of the need to maintain their beauty.

“We chose the designers on the grounds that they were consistent and committed to working in the fashion industry,” she said. “As for the movies, we chose movies that represented the relationship between women and tradition, women and beauty, women and life, and women and love.”

The designers were Sally Koeswanto, Ari Seputra, Arantxa Adi and Barli Asmara. They based their designs on the Indonesian movies Ca Bau Kan, Cinta Silver (Silver Love), Arisan (Club) and Cinta (Love).

As the film Ca Bau Kan tells a story of a woman struggling against an oppressive tradition, Sally Koeswanto sought to visualize women as strong and independent. Although the movie was deeply influenced by Chinese-Indonesian stories, Sally drew on the essence of the story only.

“Through my designs, I want to show that women should be respected and honored,” she said.

Her designs include mini tailed cheongsam dresses and a leopardskin-patterned robe with a red lining. Chinese animals, such as peacocks, adorned some of her dresses. Also appearing in her designs were leather bodices with chains, belt and studs.

The beautiful scenery of Bali depicted in Cinta Silver inspired Ari Seputra to use bright colors, such as orange, fuchsia and gold, in his designs.

Long and short dresses were Ari’s mainstay for the show. Most of his designs were elegant tube dresses, with details resembling flowers, tendrils and waves. The only downside was perhaps the clearly visible black zippers on the back or the side.

“As the movie ends with the union of the two leading characters, I made white dresses to close my show,” Ari said.

Arisan adopts an interesting approach to women, showing their problems, personalities and social status. Arantxa Adi captured the spectrum of experience in his designs that mostly consisted of cocktail dresses paired with stockings.

He used soft shades of peach, green, yellow and gray to portray women who were resolved but also who are enjoying their lives. Arantxa also featured men’s clothing, modeled by actors from Arisan, such as Tora Sudiro and Surya Saputra.

Although Cinta has several intertwining plots, Barli Asmara decided to take only the theme of a happy ending, energized and creative. To interpret the theme, he used shocking pink, red and yellow for the mini dresses, and applied rich details to give the impression of a woman in love.

“I put ribbons on every dress to match with the pink ribbon theme,” Barli said, referring to the international symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Held to support the Pink Ribbon Program of Yayasan Kesehatan Payudara Jakarta (The Breast Health Foundation of Jakarta), the show was a combination of fashion, movie and music. For the music part, Andi Rianto’s Magenta Orchestra accompanied the models as strutted down the catwalk by playing tunes from the movies’ soundtracks; the songs were performed by singers Krisdayanti, Dewi Sandra, Bunga Citra Lestari, Afgan and Mike Mohede.

– Photos by Harper’s Bazaar


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