Posted by: mel | October 24, 2009

Conversion ceremony for two in Berakas

Brunei fm | By Lyna Mohamad | 24 October 2009

THE Islamic Da’wah Centre yesterday held a conversion ceremony for a Chinese teenager and an Iban man who have embraced the Islamic faith at the residence of Hj Alim Hj Abd Rahman in Kg Perpindahan Lambak Kanan, Berakas.

Teenager Yenni Li, who chose Nurrabiatul Shasha Syakirah Abdullah Li as her new name, is an Indonesian Chinese who came to Brunei over a year ago.

Since her stay here, she has learnt a lot about the culture and tradition of the local community here as well as their religious obligations that have built the interest in her to get in-depth knowledge of Islam until she finally decided to embrace the religion, as she feels at peace with her new faith.

Meanwhile, Robby Anak Billy said that having his circle of friends who are of different races and religions, including Muslims, have given him exposure on the different religious beliefs, yet Islam seems to draw more interests to him and gave him the motivation for life and peace.

After being positively sure that embracing Islam was the right path of life for him, and after learning more about the religion, he decided it was timely for him to convert into a Muslim and chose Muhd Nasrullah Syahmi Abdullah Billy as his name – one that is very meaningful to him.

Yesterday’s ceremony was conducted by officials from the Islamic Da’wah Centre, Normah Hj Kassim and Shamri Hj Md Som. According to statistics at the centre, up to September this year, a total of 379 converts were recorded throughout the nation, of which 160 took place in the Brunei-Muara District.


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