Posted by: mel | September 11, 2009

Official: Indonesia to team up with China in shipyard building

Xinhua | Jakarta | 11 September 2009

Indonesia would team up with Chinese investors in building shipyard industry in Indonesia in 2010 with initial feasibility study starting this year, the Business Week bulletin reported here on Friday.

    I Nyoman Sudiana, director of Shipyard industry, Indonesia Offshore Industry and Shipping Association (Iperindo) said that the would-be established joint shipyard industry would take raw materials from Indonesia.

    The plan to set up the joint shipyard industry was resulted from Indonesian delegation’s visit to China last month.

    Sudiana said that feasibility study would consist of consideration to produce the type of ships and the number of ships to be built in the shipyard.

    According to Iperindo’s analyses, Indonesian shipyard industry needs an additional investment of 28.5 trillion rupiah (about 2.85billion U.S. dollars) to increase its production capacity up to 2.5 million gross tons (GT) in the next five years.

    Citing the initial study carried out by Iperindo and the Industrial ministry, to cope with domestic needs Indonesian shipyard industry needs to improve production capacity by 500,000 GT with total investment of 5.7 trillion rupiah (573.8 million dollars) a year.

    Currently, national installed capacity for construction of new ships was only at 225,000 GT.

Editor: Xiong Tong


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