Posted by: mel | July 6, 2009

Indo-Chinese Take Ride on Safe Side

Numerous traffic accidents have been a major problem in Jakarta for ages. But now city police are creating a special safe riding program. The move is hoped to make city streets safer.

Ten policewomen demonstrate how to ride a police motorcycle, while taxiing female members of Jakarta’s Chinese Brother and Sister organization. The ‘Chinese sisters’, as they are called, look a bit awkward at first because it’s their first time riding.

It’s part of a safe riding program run by the Jakarta traffic police, to make safe riding more marketable to the broader society.

[Condro Kirono, Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya]:
“We are very concerned about traffic accidents in Jakarta. Each year about 1,260 people die on Jakartan roads. Because Indonesian citizens like following public figures, we hope these figures can help us together make safe riding more fun.”

The program includes special Chinese performances, like dancing and singing, and special greetings. The program draws a big applause from Indonesian police, too.

Cooperation between ethnic Chinese and Indonesian police is a rare sight, partly due to the former Soeharto regime (1966-1998), which brought harsh discrimination of ethnic Chinese and discontent with the Indonesian government.

[Rahman Purnama, Chinese Brother and Sister]:
“Indonesian citizens can see potential friction with Chinese culture and Chinese people. Like today, those policies allow us to see them in a positive light, by involving them in our societal obligations. We feel very proud, very happy. Our ethnicity is being recognized and involved in more activities that were previously forbidden for us to participate in.”

Indonesia boasts one of the largest ethnic Chinese populations outside of the Mainland.

NTD, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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