Posted by: mel | June 22, 2009

Indonesia Week kicks off in Beijing | 20 June 2009

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Indonesia Week 2009 aims to promote the country’s culture, as well as tourism, trade and investment. The event is taking place in Beijing’s busiest commercial center, the Wangfujing pedestrian street.

The evolution of Indonesia’s traditional and modern culture is showcased through various art performances. On the main stage in the middle of Wangfujing street, visitors can enjoy various shows, featuring dancing, singing and traditional instruments.

Sukabumi Band from Indonesia said “We are the Sukabumi band which consists of a group of elderly performers. It’s our first time to perform in China. We are very happy to introduce our traditional bamboo and wood instruments to Chinese audiences.”

The open air performances allow passersby to catch a glimpse of the performances..And some people stop for a while to enjoy them. The performers say they are inspired by the enthusiastic response from the public.

Organized in tandem with the art performances is a photo exhibition titled “Discover Indonesia”. The outdoor photographic display shows Indonesia’s beautiful landscapes rich folklore and portraits of daily life in the country.

Indonesia Week also includes business forums and a food festival. Organized by the Indonesian Embassy in China, the event is aimed at boosting cooperation in trade and investment and promoting cross-cultural understanding. It runs until Sunday.

Editor: Xiong Qu 


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