Posted by: mel | June 14, 2009

Seventy Chinese bizmen to join RI investment forum

ANTARA News | Beijing | Saturday, June 13, 2009  | Economic & Business 

Some 70 Chinese businessmen from 30 companies have confirmed their participation in an Indonesian Investment Forum to be held in Beijing on June 17, 2009.

“At least 70 businessmen from 30 companies in China have expressed their confirmation of participation in the upcoming investment forum,” Iwan S Amri, head of the Economic Implementation Function at the Indonesian embassy in Beijing, said on Saturday. 

M Lutfi, head of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), will be a key speaker in the investment forum.

The Chinese companies are among others engaged in mining, forestry, manufacture, and energy sectors.

Some more Chinese businessmen were expected to attend the gathering, as there were still some more days before the forum implementation, the Indonesian diplomat said.

A number of Chinese businessmen had so far contacted him to inquire about Indonesia`s business potentials, he said.

“It shows that the interest of the Chinese businessmen to invest in Indonesia is quite big, and we should be able to grab the opportunities properly,” Iwan said.

The BKPM chairman will talk about the investment condition and opportunities in Indonesia, and a number of regions such as Riau (Sumatra) will also send their representatives to Beijing to promote their regional potentials to Chinese investors.

A number of Chinese businessmen have invested in Indonesia, including in the mining, manufacture and electricity sectors.

“We are optimistic that many Chinese businessmen are still interested in investing the funds in Indonesia,” he said.

In the forum, some 24 Indonesian businessmen from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin)`s China Committee will also be present and hold talks with their Chinese counterparts. 

The Indonesian Investment Forum is organized as part of the Indonesia Week to be held in Beijing, June 17-21, 2009.(*)


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