Posted by: mel | May 29, 2009

Wiranto, Prabowo urged to clarify May 1998 tragedy

ANTARA News | 28 May 2009

Tanjungpinang (ANTARA News) – Indonesians of Chinese descent urge vice presidential candidates Wiranto and Prabowo to clarify the May 1998 riots in which many ethnic Chinese became victims of violence, a spokesman said.

Rudy Chua, a member of the ethics council of the Riau Islands l branch of the Indonesian Chinese Ethnic Community and Social Association spokesman Rudy Chua here on Wednesday urged the two retired generals, Wiranto and Prabowo, to clarify the tragedy which had hurt the feelings of Indonesians and caused a long-standing trauma to the ethnic Chinese community.

“The cases of torture, rape, and looting suffered by Chinese people during the tragedy in Jakarta in May 1998 have been ignored and yet to be clarified,” Rudy Chua said.

He said Wiranto`s and Prabowo`s alleged involvement in the tragedy as reported in the print and electronic media, had created an unfavorable opinion about them among members of the ethnic Chinese community.

The response from the Chinese community to the two retired generals who will run for vice president in the upcoming July election would probably influence the election.

“We have heard so far that Wiranto and Prabowo have denied their involvement in the tragedy but they failed to clarify the mystery behind the systematic violence against ethnic Chinese people,” he said.

According to Rudy Chua, the political decision made by the ethnic Chinese community would disadvantage Wiranto and Prabowo if they did not clarify the tragedy to the public before the July election.


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