Posted by: mel | April 24, 2009

Trailer Cin(T)a

cin(T)a -trailer

Starring: Saira Jihan/Sunny Soon

Screenplay By: Sally Anom Sari/Sammaria

Directed By: Sammaria Simanjuntak

Produced By: Sembilan Matahari Film – Moonbeam Creations

Plot Outline:

Cina (Sunny Soon), an 18 year-old college freshmen, was ready to conquer the world with a strong, yet naïve, faith since it had never been tested by failure. 
Annisa (Saira Jihan), is a 24 year-old college senior whose education was held back because of her career in the movie industry. Her fame and beauty left her so lonely that she drew a sad face on her finger as her companion. Until one day, another finger came and she was no longer lonely.
God (Tuhan), is the most unpredictable character. Everybody tries to describe Him. Everybody thought they knew Him. Every art tried to figure Him. But nothing is really like Him…or Her.
God loved Cina and Annisa, but Cina and Annisa could not love each other because they called God by different names.

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