Posted by: mel | March 30, 2009

Indonesian Embassy in Beijing to organize “Indonesia Week”

Beijing (ANTARA News) 03/25/09 19:57 – The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing is scheduled to organize an “Indonesia Week” from June 16-21, 2009 in Wangfujing to promote investment, tourism, and trade among the Chinese public.

“We want to organize the Indonesia Week as part of our efforts to promote the potential of investment, trade, and tourism to Chinese and other international community,” embassy spokesperson Rosmalawati Chalid said here on Wednesday.

She said similar event was also planned to be organized from October 10-15 last year but due to the lack of preparation it was canceled.

According to Rosmalawati, the Indonesia Week was a golden opportunity to promote trade commodities, investment and tourism potential to Chinese community in specific and international community in general.

The series of activity would include the exhibition of various commodities, art and cultural performances, fashion show, in addition to business forum with the local government, businessmen and the people.

She said the organization of Indonesia Week was intended to improve Indonesia-China partnership, investment, trade, and tourism in China, especially in Beijing.

“The event is expected to step up bilateral trade volume and the flow of investment and tourism from China to Indonesia,” she said, adding that Wangfujing was one of the most visited area in China by domestic and foreign tourists.


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