Posted by: mel | March 28, 2009

Theater-Goers Protest CCP Interference at Indonesia Shen Yun Show

Angry protestors held up hand signs questioning the cancellation of Shen Yun show. (Hai Qing/The Epoch Times)

On March 25, 2009, over 100 theater-goers became angered after finding out the Shen Yun show was cancelled due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  The show was to be held at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta, 

After realizing the show was cancelled, some ticket holders proceeded to protest outside the nearby Chinese Embassy, demanding that officials give an answer as to why the CCP would stop the production. Protestors criticized the Indonesian government for bowing to the will of the CCP. They argued that the move had harmed Indonesia’s national image and sovereignty.

As theater-goers arrived at the convention center, they looked confused upon finding such an empty scene. Kuize, the venue’s manager, had to inform ticket holders of the cancellation. He was sorry to learn that many theater-goers had flown to Jakarta and took leave from work just to see the Shen Yun show.

Theater-goers came from all over Indonesia, including Medan, Surabaya, Bali and Batam. Some came from as far as Singapore and Malaysia.

Dissatisfied audiences gathered outside the Chinese Embassy. (Hai Qing/The Epoch Times)


“I am of course very disappointed,” said Mr. Li, who flew from Singapore to see the show with his wife, Mrs. Zhang. “I have already bought the ticket, why was it cancelled?”

Li was full of questions and concerns. “Won’t this harm Indonesia’s reputation? Why have the Indonesian officials not thought about this? Have they not thought about their own country’s reputation and sovereignty?” he asked. 

Li seemed to understand right away when he was informed that it was the Chinese regime that forbade the show from being performed. “I believe it is so. The show had also met with similar interference in South Korea and other countries. Think about how many overseas Chinese are here in Indonesia? Several million! They all love Shen Yun,” he said.

“The Chinese here will certainly be very disappointed, as they lose this opportunity to see the restoration of ancient Chinese culture. The CCP is responsible for destroying these traditions over the past several decades, so it was exciting to have the Shen Yun come here to perform,” said Li.

Wayan, a native Indonesian from Bali, said that over 300 people from his area came to watch the Shen Yun show together. He had heard that the show received interference from the CCP in Malaysia last year, so some of his friends were facing a second year of forced cancellation of the beloved production. 

“It is so unreasonable that such a great show would be cancelled. The Indonesian government should refuse to comply,” Wayan said.

“The CCP has persecuted so many Chinese people in China and has fed the world so many lies, now they have made such a stupid and bad act in Indonesia. The Indonesian government should not cooperate with their demands,” said Jakarta resident Mr. Zhu.

Would be theater-goers protesting outside the Chinese Embassy drafted a letter strongly condemning the CCP. After dropping the letter inside the embassy gate, they left peacefully. 

Read original article in Chinese.


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