Posted by: mel | March 25, 2009

Chinese Regime Pressures Indonesia To Block ShenYun

A large promotional advertisement on a busy street in Jakarta
A large promotional advertisement on a busy street in Jakarta (The Epoch Times)

Shen Yun Performing Arts

Indonesia—The Shen Yun International Company was forced to cancel its scheduled performance at the Jakarta Convention Centre Plenary Hall because the Indonesian Federal Police refused to issue the related permit in time. Sources disclosed to The Epoch Times that the Chinese embassy had pressured the Indonesian government. 

The show was scheduled forMarch 25. According to the Indonesian show organizer, over 4,000 tickets had been sold in three weeks, and several hundred of them had been sold to celebrities in various fields, and fans from neighbouring countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, many of whom only got notice of the cancellation after arriving in Jakarta. 

The show organizers said that the local police invited them to a meeting on March 18 and told them that the last permit for the show was pending on the Indonesian Federal Police, and subsequently, the federal police informed the local police that they would not issue the permit. 

The reason given was that the Indonesian election was around the corner (April 9), and the federal police requested show organizers to postpone the show. 

According to sources, before the incident, the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism had received a letter defaming Shen Yun,  from the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta.

The show promoter said that many local Chinese were very disappointed after learning the news because they expected to expose their children to a show that expresses traditional Chinese values and virtues 

Another show sponsor said that they had never encountered such a situation in more than 20 years of show related experience.

Read the original in Chinese


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