Posted by: mel | March 8, 2009

China & Japan Eager to Develop Indonesia’s Bioenergy

Jakarta (ANTARA News) 03/05/09 17:24 

China and Japan have expressed interest in developing Indonesia`s biofuel and renewable energy, an official said.

“Japan and China are eager to develop bioenergy in Indonesia. As a matter of fact, China has many times sent its delegation to Indonesia for that purpose,” Chairman of the Indonesian Cooperatives Council (Dekopin) Adi Sasono said on Thursday.

Indeed many developed countries regard Indonesia as a potential producer of biofuel and renewable energy, not to mention its spices, he said.

“We have the potentials to invite foreign investors, the more so because they regard Indonesia as the main source of green energy,” he said.

The Dekopin chief said Chinese and Japanese delegations will soon visit Indonesia to explore possibilities of investment in the sector.

The two countries are determined to reduce their dependence on fossil-based energy and to meet 10 percent of their energy needs from renewable sources, he said.

“We are rich in sources of green energy particularly from sugar cane, cassava and jatropha curcas,” he said.

Indonesia now has an estimated 20 million hectares of idle land suitable for the cultivation of such plants, he said.


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