Posted by: mel | January 27, 2009

Chinese Indonesians ten years after reformasi

Inside Indonesia (Jan – Mar 2009)

Chinese Indonesians ten years after reformasi
Chinese Indonesians reflect on their place in the new Indonesia – Michele Ford and Jemma Purdey

A common destiny
Challenges remain for Chinese Indonesians 10 years after reformasi – Jemma Purdey

Never Indonesian enough
State discrimination against the Chinese is a form of cultural violence – Wahyu Effendi

Learning from Malaysia’s mistakes
Chinese Indonesians must re-enter politics in order to fully exercise their citizenship – Christianto Wibisono

A new political animal?
Chinese Indonesians search for a political role in the new Indonesia – Christine Susanna Tjhin

Game of chance
Chinese Indonesians play asylum roulette in the United States – Damai Sukmana

Through a building darkly
The story of the Teochiu Huikuan building in Medan provides insights into Chinese Indonesians’ history of dispossession – Yen-ling Tsai

In memory of martyrs
A Chinese community constructs and preserves the memory of their loved ones, the victims of racial and political violence in Banyuwangi – Juliana Wijaya

The tragedy of May 1998
Glodok: A photo essay – Monika Swasti Winarnita 

Against the grain
Two Chinese-Indonesian women are role models for the younger generation – Aimee Dawis

The politics of Imlek
In contemporary Indonesia, Imlek is much more than a cultural celebration – Chang-Yau Hoon

Chinese, Muslim – and proud of it
The Chinese Muslim community in Surabaya even has its own mosque – Anne Dickson

Empowerment through conversion?
Chinese Indonesians and the Pentecostal-charismatic movement – Juliette Koning

Filming ambiguity
Young Chinese Indonesian filmmakers examine questions of Chineseness – Charlotte Setijadi-Dunn

Weekly Articles

Editorial dependence
Owners exert their sway in Indonesian newsrooms, but journalists soldier on – Hendrarto Darudoyo

The Indie takeover
Independent record labels give the majors a run for their money – Brent Luvaas


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